Front Anti-Sway Bar Repair

When I got the car, the front anti-sway bar attach points were totally trashed. The anti-sway bar was literally held on with bailing wire and tie-wraps. Needless to say, it scared me a little (A LOT!!).

The options were to purchase new lower A-arms (at about $130 each), or to repair. Being a good Dutchman, I chose to repair. As you know, the anti-sway bar passes through a triangular "tunnel" on the lower A-arm and is fastened with a nut and lock washer (see Figure #1 below). The "tunnels" were totally worn and in need of replacement or imagination. Imagination won out.

At the time, my son worked part-time for Marino Engineering, a machine shop in Ypsilanti, Michigan. He cut pieces out on a WATERJET CUTTER and had the 2 plates welded to the front of each A-arm (see Figures #2 & #3 below). The sway bar was then attached to the plate.

After 10 years, the plates are still rock solid! Total cost of the repair, less than $30! Makes a lot more sense than new A-arms if the rest is functional.

Fig #1                                                                           Fig #2                                                                               Fig #3