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Hello. We are Geof Bush and Lori Day. We currently live outside of Detroit in Van Buren Township, Michigan. I purchased my 1979 Spitfire from my good friend John Van Tassell in April 1998. He had owned it for over 10 years, but had stored it in a garage for about 6 of those years. When the garage was no longer available, he called to remind me that I had told him that if he ever decided to sell it, I wanted to be the first to know. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance.


On April 1, 2002 (April Fool's Day), we purchased our second Spit, a 1981 (by VIN) Canadian Spitfire in Toronto, Ontario.  Though portrayed as "Mint, Original," we quickly found issues.  The body and frame were solid and many of the issues were things that were going to be addressed anyway.


In August 2006, we purchased a 1972 GT6 MKIII to be used for a CGT6 (Convertible GT6) conversion combining "Li'l Brit" and "Donor" the GT6.  The tub is badly rotted, but the frame and running gear appear to be in good shape.  After sitting for almost 10 years, the engine fired up with about 20 minutes of preparation (Thanks Ted!).  Compressions are good and it includes an overdrive transmission.  Currently that project is on hold.


As all of you that own British Sports Cars know, they are a labor of love. I have been in "labor" for over 12 years now!! It is rewarding to be able to work on a car again without being a computer programmer or computer science major.

These pages will document the progress of "Li'l Brit, the Rolling Restoration" and "SPIT4 2."  I hope to also periodically bring "Tech Tips" from myself and others to the site.

I hope you enjoy our site. We're having a ball!!


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WE DID IT!!  Though the Spitfire wouldn't start, we did what we set out to do; we built a 1963 MKI Spitfire in 3 days at NATC 2008 in Ypsilanti, Michigan!!  Congratulations to everyone from NASS, VTR, DTSC and all other clubs who participated in the project.

Tuesday Morning -- The Beginning 

Friday Morning - The End
(Vernon Brannon, Owner and Geof Bush, Build Project Manager)

Triumph Spitfire

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